Vision & Goals


Publication: 2013-05-30



Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Financial Executives International


FEI continues to be the professional association of choice for the corporate finance executive, and strives to be the most contemporary, dynamic and proactive organization of its kind. With a powerful network centered on a vibrant Internet community and local chapter meetings, FEI is member-service oriented, with value for dues a top priority. FEI members echo that the price of membership is dwarfed by the cost saving ideas and value-building themes that accrue for members through their participation in FEI. FEI strives to be the eyes and ears of the typical finance officer facing the day-to-day challenge of enhancing his or her shareholders' investment. FEI assists members anticipate and react to change, acquire new resources to enhance shareholder value, and build the personal skills needed to further their careers. These ideals are accomplished by providing information through diverse forms of communication, knowledge of evolving trends and issues and high-quality programs. FEI endeavors to identify new opportunities for peer networking, and provide for effective advocacy through representation before legislators and regulators.


  • Corporate Finance Executives