Open Government Plan 1.0


Start: 2010-04-07, Publication: 2010-04-28


We created this plan to respond to the Administration’s Open Government Directive (OGD) ( While developing our plan, we incorporated public input, examined recent efforts that embody Open Government and identified new opportunities and innovations to further meet this challenge. We will measure and evaluate how our open government activities foster our mission and meet our strategic goals. This plan is a step in the process as the Agency continues to institutionalize a culture of transparency, participation and collaboration.

We will use this Open Government Plan to emphasize and expand on EPA’s culture of openness within a mission-focused framework for engaging our stakeholders, especially the public. In many cases, EPA is leveraging technology to help us meet the principles of open government, but we recognize the existence of a digital divide that hinders communication with some stakeholder groups, particularly those who lack access to new and emerging technologies. We are committed to implementing multiple methods of engagement to bridge the digital divide. In this plan, we describe specific projects, both seasoned and new, that add to EPA’s experience in engaging with the public to accomplish our tasks. We expect to share this knowledge throughout the Agency, and we plan to make it available to other government entities for their use and application in joint efforts. Our plan also focuses on expanding the conversation on environmentalism to a broader audience. Because we are evolving and plan to adapt to feedback, technology innovations and other influences, EPA’s Open Government Plan will be a living document, published in an open format on our Web site, which we intend to update regularly to keep it current and relevant.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Environmental Protection Agency