Strategic Plan For Fiscal Years 2007–12


Start: 2007-10-01, End: 2012-09-30, Publication: 2010-01-25


LETTER FROM THE SECRETARY Dear Reader, Five years after the bipartisan passage of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, we remain dedicated to promoting education excellence in every corner of the country. Together, we can point with pride to the progress we’ve made. But we must continue to focus on the hard work and challenges that lie ahead. The U.S. Department of Education’s Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2007–12 sets high expectations for America’s schools and students, and for ourselves. We are committed to giving students the skills they need to succeed in a highly competitive global economy. To this end, we have set out three important goals in this plan that address the following three priorities: 1. Increase student achievement, reward qualified teachers, and renew troubled schools so that every student can read and do math at grade level by 2014, as called for by the No Child Left Behind Act. 2. Encourage more rigorous and advanced coursework to improve the academic performance of our middle and high school students. 3. Work with colleges and universities to improve access, affordability, and accountability, so that our higher education system remains the world’s finest. We are also setting high expectations for management of the Department by creating a crosscutting goal focused on excellent management practices, fiscal integrity, and a culture of high performance. No Child Left Behind provides a strong foundation on which to build these positive results. Data show that the law is working to improve student achievement and close the nation’s achievement gap. We must now work together to reauthorize and strengthen the law. Children who were in grade 3 when the law was passed will soon be entering high school. They deserve to be taught to high standards by qualified teachers in schools that are held accountable for results. We understand who truly makes a difference in education: hard-working teachers, principals, administrators, and parents. Let us commit ourselves to helping them get the very best from our nation’s students. Sincerely, /s/ Margaret Spellings Secretary of Education


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:U.S. Department of Education