Concept, Objectives and Editorial Mission


Publication: 2012-03-05



Name:Owen Ambur



Description: is the independent media portal fully dedicated to EU affairs. EurActiv has an original business model, based on five elements (corporate sponsoring, EurActor membership, advertising, EU projects, and content syndication). It is well funded and the content usage is free.


  • European Union

  • Community of EU ActorsEurActiv enjoys extensive political, NGO and press support. It is at the heart of the 'Community of EU Actors'. This 'Community' includes several thousand European organisations and companies, many of which are currently using EurActiv's services.

  • European NGOs

  • European Organisations

  • European Companies

  • European Politicians

  • European News Media

  • Other EU ActorsIt is also necessary to reach people outside Brussels and to bring other EU Actors into a network. EurActiv contributes to it thanks to its French /English /German versions and with its partners in Central and Eastern Europe, see: EurActiv Network.

  • Central Europe

  • Eastern Europe