Open Government Plan


Start: 2010-04-07, Publication: 2010-06-02


This plan is designed to advance the President’s Transparency and Open Government initiative and promote the Secretary’s priorities in engagement and collaboration. It explains the steps the Department has already taken and presents a plan for broad collaboration and engagement in carrying out its diplomatic mission. The plan begins with a presentation of the two Flagship Initiatives we are pursuing, and continues with our plan for addressing the three guiding principles of Open Government: • Transparency • Participation • Collaboration Finally, the plan concludes with next steps, including our plans to invite the public to participate by providing feedback on our Open Government Plan and on our specific initiatives.

This Open Government Plan is a living document and will be updated on a regular basis as new initiatives are included and existing ones are expanded and revised. It emphasizes our commitment to providing information to the public through discussion of our flagship initiatives and the efforts underway to ensure better transparency, participation and collaboration.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:U.S. Department of State


The Department of State is the cabinet agency with lead responsibility for formulating and carrying out the nation’s foreign policy. The Department operates in Washington, DC and in nearly 200 countries, with over 285 locations world-wide. State's major program areas include diplomacy, border security, US citizen's services, and foreign assistance.


  • Patrick F. KennedyUnder Secretary of State for Management

  • Secretary ClintonSecretary Clinton is personally committed to Open Government. She participates regularly in public forums and has been actively engaged with a wide range of stakeholders in pursuing US foreign policy objectives.

  • Chief Financial OfficerThe Department’s Chief Financial Officer has been designated as the senior official accountable for the quality and objectivity of, and internal controls over the Federal Spending information publicly disseminated

  • Chief Information OfficerThe Chief Information Officer (CIO) has been designated as the lead State Department official for overall operational implementation of the Open Government initiative.

  • Open Government Working GroupThe plan has been developed collaboratively, under the direction of an Open Government Working Group composed of leading bureaus currently active in outreach and engagement. The CIO has taken lead responsibility for drafting the plan with input from all stakeholders. The Open Government Plan is being closely coordinated with other efforts such as the development of a new Information Technology Strategic Plan, ensuring that efforts related to the Open Government Initiative will receive priority for resources.