About the Drupal Association


Publication: 2012-12-14



Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Drupal Association


The Drupal Association is an educational non-profit organization that tasks itself with fostering and supporting the Drupal software project, the community and its growth. Supported by both individual members and organizations, the Association uses its resources, network and funds to constantly engage in new projects and initiatives to help educate people about Drupal and support the growth of the Drupal project... The Drupal Association has no authority over the planning, functionality and development of the Drupal software.


  • Drupal Association MembersThe Drupal Association is funded by memberships, donations and proceeds from events such as DrupalCon. Help the Drupal Association fulfill its mission by becoming a member or donating.

  • Drupal Association Board of DirectorsThe Board of Directors' terms begin on November 1. At-Large board members are nominated and selected by the community at-large with no prerequisites for nomination.

  • Dries BuytaertFounder & President

  • Angela ByronSecretary, Seat expires 2013

  • Sameer VermaSeat expires 2015

  • Donna BenjaminSeat expires 2015

  • Tiffany FarrissTreasurer Seat expires 2014

  • Jeff WalpoleSeat expires 2014

  • Vesa PalmuSeat expires 2014

  • Cary GordonSeat expires 2013

  • Danese CooperSeat expires 2013

  • Morten DKSeat expires 2013

  • Pedro CambraSeat expires 2013

  • Steve PurkissSeat expires Feb 7th, 2013

  • Drupal Association Advisory BoardThe Advisory Board is an international network of trusted community members with strong ties to the Drupal project. These individuals regularly provide assistance and advice to our Board of Directors and Staff to help advance the mission of the Drupal Association. All of our advisors were selected for their acute experience, knowledge, expertise, and talents in many different areas including community management, policy, outreach, law, technology, project guidance, or education.

  • Kristof Van TommeMember of the Advisory Board

  • David StraussMember of the Advisory Board

  • Larry GarfieldMember of the Advisory Board

  • George DeMetMember of the Advisory Board

  • Bevan RudgeMember of the Advisory Board

  • Greg KnaddisonMember of the Advisory Board

  • Laura ScottMember of the Advisory Board

  • Khalid BaheyeldinMember of the Advisory Board

  • Kieran LalMember of the Advisory Board

  • Moshe WeitzmanMember of the Advisory Board

  • Bill FitzgeraldMember of the Advisory Board

  • Nedjo RogersMember of the Advisory Board

  • Michael MeyersMember of the Advisory Board

  • Peter WolaninMember of the Advisory Board

  • Mitchell ToomeyMember of the Advisory Board