Publication: 2014-01-22


Here is the general process we follow: 1. We ask questions -- What are the meeting goals and outcome? What are your priorities for a successful meeting? Who will be there and how many? Why do you want to engage your participants? 2. We design a meeting flow -- Working with you, Covision discusses options for timing of agenda topics, interactive elements, sequencing of activities, flow of the conversations for your large group meeting. 3. We recommend the best technology -- Based on the agenda and your desired outcomes, Covision focuses on what technologies to use to support your interactive meeting, including tablets, laptops and cell phones. These devices bring different assets for engaging participants in your large group meeting. We recommend the best options and the "how to do it" knowledge for a seamless implementation.




We can help you create a productive and engaging meeting -- no matter how ambitious your agenda.


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  • Covision TeamMeet the People Behind the Productivity -- Our core team has been working together since 1998. We've all handled one of the case studies you've seen. So, when you see us, you know you have the very best in the industry.

  • John BryantSenior System Administrator -- John develops custom software for our larger meetings, as well as provides critical on-site and on-call support. John studied Computer and Information Science at the University of California Santa Cruz. He's a 20-year veteran of Internet application development having worked in several successful startups including Kerbango, the world's first Internet Radio, which eventually became Apple iTunes streaming directory. He's also contributed to many e-commerce projects for Apple, Sun Microsystems, National Semiconductor and Mitsumi Corporation.

  • Tracy ConeDirector of Operations -- As Director of Operations, Tracy coordinates and oversees production for all of Covision's meetings around the world. She is our behind-the-scenes secret weapon, ensuring all of the details are buttoned up, all plans are underway and all cats are herded. Yes, Tracy is calm under pressure. With Bachelors and Masters degrees in both Economics and French, it is safe to say Tracy's favorite meetings have to do with the French Economy. But, she loves working with all clients. Before joining Covision, Tracy spent eight years as a Regional Manager for a high school study abroad company where she marketed, organized and managed over 200 international group trips for students. Before that, she was a professional golfer on LPGA Futures Tour for four years. See? Nerves of steel.

  • Karl DanskinSenior Consultant -- Karl has worked on the design for hundreds of meetings - spanning multiple sectors and involving anywhere from 10 to 6,000 participants. His passion is for working with people who believe strongly in their group and who value each person's ideas and point of view. His expertise is in both creating the meeting's design and helping it unfold in real time. When Karl isn't globetrotting from meeting to meeting, he is working with Lenny on a book for Jossey-Bass on new group processes for large meetings. The book is due out in 2013. Karl received his undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley. He is the former Artistic Director of two theater companies in San Francisco as well as a life long student and teacher of classical Chinese arts including Tai Chi, Chi Kung, medicine, meditation and calendar arts.

  • Todd EricksonDirector of Business Development -- In addition to being a senior consultant working with clients to design and facilitate engaging interactive meetings, Todd directs the business development efforts, seeking to identify clients who can truly benefit from Covision's offer and introduce them to the unique value that Covision brings. Todd enjoys helping clients to surface breakthrough ideas that only come from having the ability to consider all perspectives. Todd received his masters in Interdisciplinary Art from San Francisco State University. It was at this time that he came to understand that the challenges we face -- in organizations, communities and across the globe -- are complex and require tapping into the collective intelligence of all stakeholders in order to create sustainable change.

  • Laura GramlingDirector of Client Services -- As Director of Client Services, Laura ensures all of our consulting and technical services meet or exceed our clients' expectations. She makes sure everything is done on time, on budget and delivers results. (No exceptions.) She also directly leads client projects by providing meeting design expertise, small and large group facilitation and organization development consulting. Laura enjoys crafting agendas that enable all meeting attendees to contribute ideas and solutions. She makes sure the conversation is transparent and builds commitment for action. In short, she makes every meeting count. Prior to joining Covision in 2010, Laura spent 10 years as an Organization Development consultant specializing in multi-stakeholder engagements, strategic planning processes and leadership development. She has a master's degree in Organization Development from American University and is on faculty of the Georgetown University's Executive Certificate Program in Organizational Consulting and Change Leadership. Laura is also a Past President for the Chesapeake Bay OD Network and a member of the National OD Network.

  • Hala Harik HayesSenior Consultant -- Hala helps us design and facilitate meetings that energize participants and leave them eager for more opportunities to connect. She loves creating a space for collaboration where participants feel empowered to share their ideas. Hala has over ten years of experience working in the public and nonprofit sector with particular focus on designing, facilitating and managing large-scale interactive meetings. She has a Master of Public Administration from American University's School of Public Affairs.

  • Mattice HaynesSenior Consultant -- Mattice plays a vital role in our stakeholder summits and town halls, helping us mine for those common themes and golden insights. Mattice has a passion for ensuring "we the people" have a voice. Over her 15 years in the field, she has facilitated meetings for neighborhoods, nonprofits, governments and foundations. Mattice earned a Bachelor of Science in Public Policy from the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University and holds a Certificate from the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2). She's a member of the Southeast Association of Facilitators, the AmericaSpeaks Associates Network, and the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation.

  • Josh KaufmanPresident & Chief Operations Officer -- As President and COO, Josh manages the operations and leads the amazing talent at Covision. He loves to be challenged by client requests and deliver what most people consider to be impossible. He also still leads meetings on all continents. None on Antarctica. Yet. Before joining Covision, Josh received his bachelors from UC Irvine in 1992 in Experimental Psychology and a Masters in Clinical Psychology from The California School of Professional Psychology. His first job was determining the mental stability of the defendants for the City of Berkeley Municipal Court. Oh the things Josh has heard. In 1996, Josh wanted to find a balance between his psychology background and his love of all things technical. Covision was the perfect fit bringing together technology and group process to change how people worked together. Josh joined in 1996 as Production Manager, became Vice President in 1998, COO in 2005 and President in 2010.

  • Lenny LindFounder & Chairman and Senior Consultant -- Before founding Covision, Lenny was a geologist, a pilot and a freelance photographer. The third time was indeed a charm, as Lenny quickly became the go-to photographer for Bay Area businesses. After a few years, he also began offering videographer services and started filming corporate meetings. It didn't take too long before Lenny saw a pattern emerge: meetings were one-sided and lacked any kind of group dynamic, understanding or consensus. That's when Covision was born along with a new industry -- interactive meetings. Today Lenny still helps with meeting design, supports his incredibly talented staff and, together with Karl Danskin, is writing a new book on the power of interactivity in large meetings. His other books are listed here. Even after leading hundreds of sessions, Lenny still finds great gratification in bringing good ideas to life in a meeting and hearing both the kudos and relief from his clients.

  • Johan MalmstenSenior Consultant -- Johan has helped us design and facilitate over 100 meetings across four continents. He has extensive experience in strategy and leadership development and is passionate about combining process, technology and teamwork to solve complex problems. Johan holds a master's degree from the London School of Economics and a bachelor's degree from Stockholm University, both in Economic History. He has also studied International Business at Harvard University, Organizational Behavior and Communications at the London School of Economics, Philosophy at Oxford University and Brand Management at Berghs School of Communication.

  • Doug MasiukTechnical Consultant -- Doug is one of our go-to technology experts. He makes sure the wires are connected right, the tools are working and, most importantly, that our participants know how to use the technology. When not consulting with Covision, Doug is the Founder of Intersect Media, which specializes in remote video management and distribution. He graduated from the NYU Tisch School of the Arts in 2002.

  • Ludwig NilssonTechnical Consultant -- Ludwig is our European technology expert. He ensures every conference goes off without a hitch, even in unlikely locations like a 15th century castle or a football stadium. Having worked in the IT industry for over 16 years, Ludwig has been a PC technician, server technician, network engineer, project leader and an IT-architect.

  • Carolina PenaTechnical Consultant -- Carolina provides technical support for our clients before, during and after the meetings. She is a perfectionist extraordinaire with a keen attention to detail. Carolina is no stranger to wrangling big projects. Her experience includes public relations, event planning and production for live and pre-recorded shows, including the Hispanic Heritage Awards (NBC and Telemundo), and Latin Grammys (CBS). She received her B.A. in Communication from the University of Maryland.

  • Lawrence RammTechnical Director -- As Technical Director, Lawrence helps scope, plan and design the network for each venue. During the meetings, he oversees the technical set-up and stability testing of the network, servers and devices. Before joining Covision, Lawrence worked at the World Bank in Washington D.C. as an Information Officer, providing system administration and support to five offices and over 400 clients globally. Good thing he speaks French, Italian and Mandarin.

  • Eduardo VillavicencioTechnical Consultant -- Eduardo designs and implements custom meeting interfaces for our clients -- ensuring all participants are able to easily share their ideas. He has over 15 years of experience in designing and delivering educational programs and training, including K-12 classroom education as well as technology integration training for school faculty and staff. Eduardo has a master's degree in Adult Education and Leadership from Johns Hopkins University and a bachelor's degree in Economics from Harvard University.