Compass of Transparency -- Overview


Publication: 2013-05-19


The compass of transparency ( is an automated online instrument that gives the citizens the possibility to monitor, in real time, the implementation of all the data and information requirements imposed by Italian law on the websites of public administrations.

It is a system of rules, processes and technologies that combines the three basic principles of Open Government: Transparency of public administrations, citizen participation and collaboration. The initiative focuses on the continuous improvement of transparency compliance in more than 20,000 Italian public administrations, with returns in terms of increased efficiency, reduction of corruption and lower costs across the whole public sector. The heart of the system is a validation mechanism, composed by software sensors and mathematical algorithms, with the ability to analyze public administration web sites in both real-time and at certain intervals. The analysis is performed by comparing the found data and information with contents defined and standardized by the laws of transparency and guidelines on websites. Data are then collected in a data warehouse that, through dedicated interfaces, is able to provide different types of users with results on the transparency compliance of all institutional web sites.


Name:Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri



  • Italy

  • Italian Legislator
    • Transparency Facilitator (Performer)The key role of transparency, both at a national and at an international level, has pushed the Italian legislator to produce a sequence of legislative and regulatory interventions towards a growing transparency of public administrations (e.g. about the use of resources and the supply of services).