Chafee Open Government Initiative for Open, Accessible, Accountable State Government


Start: 2010-10-11, Publication: 2010-11-13


Lincoln Chafee, independent candidate for Governor, today announced that as Governor he will issue an Executive Order on Open Government, through which he will implement a plan to utilize modern information technologies to make government services easier to use, government operations more transparent, and government more efficient overall. Chafee’s Executive Order will also set standards on the quality and accessibility of government information, ensuring that high-quality information is shared both internally within government, and externally between government and citizens.

My Open Government platform represents a symbolic shift towards freeing ourselves from the old, opaque politics that have crippled our state’s economy. Together, with openness, transparency, and accountability, we can forge a new way forward for Rhode Island.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Lincoln Chafee: Independent for Governor of Rhode Island Governor