Aims and Objectives


Publication: 2010-03-22



Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility


The Growing Need for CCSR -- The technological advances in computing and information technology continue to accelerate, such that society, its citizens and organisations are being subjected to a growing range of impacts, some of which can have detrimental effects. Often, a reliance on technology can increase the vulnerability of the weaker and poorer members of society and, what is more, can even determine membership of these groups. Nonetheless, there are many benefits to be gained through the sensitive design and application of the technology, the key to which is being aware of the potential pitfalls and avoiding them. Internationally, there is a growing awareness that technology must be applied sensitively. The Centre, as part of an international community dedicated to the advancement of work in this area, provides a focus for undertaking activities relating to national and international issues.


  • Professor Simon RogersonThe Director of CCSR, De Montfort University (DMU)