Publication: 2010-09-11


In the face of budget crises, government entities at every level must cut costs and find efficiencies. An enormous opportunity lies in their IT infrastructure — the technology they require to provide their citizens essential services. For the most part, each city, county, state, agency and office builds or buys their technology solutions independently, creating huge redundancies in civic software and wasting millions of tax-payer dollars. They should be able to work together.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Civic Commons


An independent non-profit organization, Civic Commons will help government entities share code and best practices, reform procurement practices, and learn to function not only as a provider of services but as a platform to which an ecosystem of industry can add value for government and its citizens.


  • Code for AmericaCode for America was founded to help the brightest minds of the Web 2.0 generation transform city governments.

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  • OCTOOffice of the Chief Technology Officer, District of Columbia