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Publication: 2013-09-27


We aim to dismantle, reduce, and remove unnecessary, wasteful, or harmful Big Government policies and programs. We aim to shrink overall government spending, taxes, authority, debt, assets, and liabilities. We focus on proposals that would substantially reduce Big Government and which appeal to everyday voters — so they can be implemented by elected officials or by ballot initiative.

There are plenty of activists, pundits, commentators, think tanks, blogs, websites and candidates for public office who oppose Big Government. They'll tell you all about what's wrong with Big Government Programs, high taxes, government debt, high government spending or government meddling. We agree with those who advocate against Big Government. But we need much more. We must do more than decry the damage done by Big Government. Or the wastefulness of Big Government. When we call for action, we must do more than merely "hold the line" on Big Government or fight against the latest expansion of Big Government. We must go on the offensive - and put Big Government on the defensive. We must put small government in the driver's seat. If all we do is talk about what's wrong with Big Government, we lose. Because when we're talking about Big Government - even if we're opposing it - we're allowing Big Government advocates to control the agenda. They limit our choices to variations on more Big Government. We need the opposite: choices for small government. We must articulate and advance a small government agenda by proposing specific small government solutions that dismantle, reduce and remove Big Government such as: * Dramatic cuts in overall government spending * Huge, immediate tax cuts that benefit everyone * Repeal, reduction and dismantling of Big Government laws, programs and bureaucracies * Government reforms that enable us to shrink Big Government such as true transparency of government finance. 99% of all the political commentary, campaign rhetoric and election news coverage you'll hear is about sustaining or expanding Big Government. The Center For Small Government is about shrinking Big Government. About moving America - a quickly as possible - towards small government.


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Name:Center For Small Government


Founded by Carla Howell and Michael Cloud, the Center For Small Government is a non-partisan, grass roots organization with thousands of generous volunteers and donors who want to shrink Big Government.


  • Carla HowellCarla Howell is Co-founder of the Center For Small Government, currently on leave. She spearheaded two End the Income Tax statewide ballot initiatives in Massachusetts (in 2002 and 2008) and one initiative to Roll Back the Sales Tax from 6.25% to 3% (2010). Each initiative won close to 1,000,000 votes (885,683 in 2002; 901,802 in 2008; and 966,973 in 2010) — in a state that's a hotbed of Big Government. In 2002 she ran for Governor against Republican Mitt Romney and Democrat Shannon O'Brien, making the case for Ending the Income Tax in six televised debates. In 2000 she ran against Ted Kennedy and won 308,860 votes - the highest vote total of any third party U.S. Senate candidate running against both a Democrat and Republican in recent history. In 1998, she ran for State Auditor and won enough votes to establish the Libertarian Party in Massachusetts (she has since become an independent and supports candidates based on their demonstrated commitment to shrinking Big Government rather than on party affiliation). She was endorsed by the Boston Herald. Carla Howell is also a political songwriter. In 2001 she released her spoof song How Could I Live Without Filing Taxes? In 2003 she published a unique song-and-booklet package on the topic of education freedom called Maybe We Would Be Amazed. Prior to becoming politically active, Carla Howell worked for over 20 years in management, marketing and engineering in the fields of high tech and health care.

  • Michael CloudMichael Cloud is President and Co-founder of the Center For Small Government. He also co-founded the Massachusetts End the Income Tax ballot initiatives with Carla Howell, serving as spokesperson, primary fund-raiser and Communications Director. In 2002 Michael Cloud ran for US Senate against 2004 Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry, winning 19% of the vote — the highest vote for a Libertarian US Senate candidate ever. Michael Cloud was C.E.O. of the 2000 Carla Howell for U.S. Senate campaign. In 1996 he organized the Harry Browne for President campaign, and was fund-raiser and key adviser to Browne for both his 1996 and 2000 campaigns. Michael Cloud has been politically active since 1976 and has raised over $8 million for small government candidates, projects, and initiatives. Michael Cloud is a speechwriter and the Master of libertarian communication. He writes the Persuasion Power Points column for over 70,000 readers of the Advocates for Self-Government Liberator Online and is author of the book Secrets of Libertarian Persuasion. Carla Howell and Michael Cloud write Small Government News, an email newsletter that is published approximately every two weeks; more often around elections.