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Publication: 2012-10-25


Our research uses high-frequency item-level data to study pricing topics in Macroeconomics.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Billion Prices Project


The Billion Prices Project is an academic initiative that uses prices collected from hundreds of online retailers around the world on a daily basis to conduct economic research.


  • BPP TeamThe BPP is led by Professors Roberto Rigobon and Alberto Cavallo at the MIT Sloan School of Management. We thank all the current and past MIT students that participated in the project through MIT’s UROP program for their help and enthusiasm. For our technology and computational needs, we receive outstanding help from Mark Riedesel, Chay Casso, Armand Doucette, Ray Faith, Ken Valentine, and others at Sloan Technology Services. We also thank the members of SIPB at MIT for hosting this page.

  • Roberto RigobonProfessor of Economics, Applied Economics Group, MIT – Sloan School of Management

  • Alberto CavalloAssistant Professor of Economics, Applied Economics Group, MIT – Sloan School of Management

  • Mark Riedesel

  • Chay Casso

  • Armand Doucette

  • Ray Faith

  • Ken Valentine

  • Sloan Technology Services

  • SIPB at MIT

  • MIT Sloan School of ManagementThe Sponsors - We are extremely thankful to the MIT Sloan School of Management for its financial support.

  • PriceStatsIf you are looking for more high-frequency inflation data across countries and sectors, please contact PriceStats, the company that collects the online data we use in our research initiatives and experimental indexes.