Building an Innovation-Based Economy


Publication: 2012-11-28

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This paper looks at ways to reform our economy, improve public sector performance, and train people for 21st century jobs. It draws on a day-long workshop we organized with two dozen innovation leaders in June, 2012 and online crowd-sourcing with several hundred experts around the country in the areas of innovation, technology, and economic development. We asked these individuals to help us develop new solutions to our continuing economic and political woes. This included the identification of promising reform ideas and ways to encourage growth through innovation. We compiled their suggestions and organized them into themes; and they are presented below in an actionable format for policymakers to consider.

The Internet is creating tremendous social, economic, and cultural value. Through digital connections, people are innovating, communicating with one another, and creating businesses. Yet despite these positive benefits, the United States is experiencing slow economic growth and major barriers to public and private sector innovation. We need smarter policies in order to take full advantage of the digital economy and strengthen our capacity to build society, generate jobs, and improve long-term economic growth. This focus should be front and center for policymakers as they wrestle with social and economic challenges.


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  • Center for Technology Innovation

  • Darrell West,Author -- Darrell M. West is vice president and director of Governance Studies and founding director of the Center for Technology Innovation at the Brookings Institution.

  • Allan FriedmanAuthor -- Allan Friedman is a fellow in Governance Studies and research director of the Center for Technology Innovation at the Brookings Institution.

  • Walter ValdiviaAuthor -- Walter D. Valdivia is a fellow in the Center for Technology Innovation at the Brookings Institution.

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