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Publication: 2013-09-26



Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Arab Open University



  • Students in Arab CountriesThe AOU has more than 22,460 students in seven countries and has celebrated graduation of more than 12,000 students, more than 50% of which are females.

  • Talal Bin AbdulazizThe idea of establishing a non-profit Open University in the Arab world was initiated by HRH Prince Talal Bin Abdulaziz President of the Arab Gulf Development Programe (AGFUND). In 1996 HRH Prince Talal officially announced the concept of establishing the Arab Open University as a non-conventional academic institution and as a foundation which contributes to steering development in scientific, social and cultural spheres. This initiative developed to a full pledged Arab Open University in 2002 in a strategic partnership with the Open University in the United Kingdom.

  • Open UniversityThe Open University is a world leader in modern blended learning and the pioneer of teaching and learning methods, which enable people to achieve their career and life goals through studying at times and in places convenient to them. The OU works with other organisations in many ways, by providing courses, collaborating on new curriculum, validating programmes and sharing our expertise to help other blended learning ventures become a reality. AOU is an Approved Institution of the OU, delivering OU Validated Awards. All undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications offered in the faculties of Business Studies, Computer Studies and Language Studies at the AOU are validated by The Open University.The focus for all our collaborative ventures is on finding new ways to fulfil our mission of opening up educational opportunities to more people in more places.

  • KuwaitThe AOU headquarter is located in the state of Kuwait

  • Higher Education SeekersAdmission criteria for undergraduate programs at the Arab Open University revolve around student's providing an official general secondary school certificate. Other criteria, AOU will consider for admission Community College (CC) graduates seeking to earn additional credits to complete the requirements to graduate from the CC. The AOU will also consider students who have successfully completed "relevant" courses at a recognized higher learning institution.

  • AOU BranchesThe idea of establishing a non-profit Open University has 7 branches (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jourdan, Lebanon, Bahrain and Oman) in the Arab world.

  • Saudi Arabia

  • Egypt

  • Jourdan

  • Lebanon

  • Bahrain

  • Oman

  • Global University Network for Innovation (GUNI)

  • International Council for Open and distance Education (ICDE)

  • Association of Arab Universities

  • AOU Board of TrusteesThe board of trustees sets and endorses strategies and policies of the AOU

  • Talal Bin Abdul AzizHRH Prince Talal Bin Abdul Aziz - CHAIRMAN

  • Rania Al AbdullahHM Queen Rania Al Abdullah - CO CHAIR, KINGDOM OF JORDAN

  • Yousef Al EbraheemDr. Yousef Al Ebraheem - Advisor for Economic Affairs to H.H. the Amir of the State of Kuwait

  • Ali FakhroDr. Ali Fakhro - President Executive Committee AOU, Kingdom of Bahrain

  • Nasser Al KahtaniMr. Nasser Al Kahtani - Executive Director of AGUFUND, Saudi Arabia

  • Moudi Al-HumoudProf. Moudi Al-Humoud - Rector of AOU

  • Moufid ShehabDr. Moufid Shehab - Egypt

  • Mohammad HamdanDr. Mohammad Hamdan - Advisor Arab Open University, Kingdom of Jordan

  • Yousef Al BassamEng. Yousef Al Bassam - Vice President of The Saudi Fund for Development

  • Khalid Al TurkiMr. Khalid Al Turki - President Al Turki Group, Saudi Arabia

  • Abu Baker Al QirbiDr. Abu Baker Al Qirbi - Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yemen

  • Abdel Moneim OsmanDr. Abdel Moneim Osman - Director of UNESCO Regional Office

  • Faisal Bin SalmanHRH Prince Faisal Bin Salman - Chairman & CEO Saudi Research & Marketing Group

  • Mohammed Al TawailDr. Mohammed Al Tawail - President Al Tawail Management Consulting & Training, Saudi Arabia

  • Kutayba AlghanimMr. Kutayba Alghanim - President of Alghanim Industries, State of Kuwait

  • Mohammad MasroujiMr. Mohammad Masrouji - Chairman Jerusalem Pharmaceuticals Company

  • Hani MourtadaDr. Hani Mourtada - Former Minister, Syria

  • Imad BaalbakiDr. Imad Baalbaki - Assistant Vice President for Development of American University of Beirut

  • Suhair Al QurashiDr. Suhair Al Qurashi - President & CEO of Dar Al- Hekma College, Saudi Arabia

  • AOU University Administration

  • Moudi Al-HumoudProf. Moudi Al-Humoud - Rector

  • Mohamed MirghaniDr. Mohamed Mirghani - Vice Rector for Administration and Financial Affairs

  • Mustafa AchouiProf. Mustafa Achoui - Vice Rector for Research, Planning & Development

  • Marwan M. Al-AkaidiProf. Marwan M. Al-Akaidi - Vice Rector for Academic Affairs

  • AOU Deans

  • Salem NechiDr. Salem Nechi - Dean, Faculty of Business Administration

  • Ahmad Y. MajdoubehProf. Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Dean, Faculty of Language Studies

  • Majed Abu JaberProf. Majed Abu Jaber - Dean, Faculty of Education

  • Ahmad S. TolbaProf. Ahmad S. Tolba - Dean, Faculty of Computer Studies

  • AOU Branch Directors

  • Salem Al GhamdiSalem Al Ghamdi, Ph.D, Professor of Communications - Branch Director, Saudi Arabia Branch

  • Fairouz Farah SarkisFairouz Farah Sarkis, Ph.D, Professor of Mathematics Education - Branch Director, Lebanon Branch

  • Moosa Al-KindiMoosa Al-Kindi, Ph.D, Asso. Prof. of Educational Technology - Branch Director, Oman Branch

  • Abdel Aziz KhamisAbdel Aziz Khamis, Ph.D, Professor of Computer Science - Branch Director, Egypt Branch

  • Naif B. AlmutairiNaif B. Almutairi, Ph.D, Associate Prof. of Electrical Engineering - Branch Director, Kuwait Branch

  • Mohammad Abu QudaisMohammad Abu Qudais, Ph.D, Professor of Mechanical Engineering - Branch Director, Jordan Branch

  • AbdAlrahman ALAwadhiAbdAlrahman ALAwadhi, Ph.D, Assistant Professor - Acting Branch Director, Bahrain Branch