AIIM Standards Program Plan 2013


Start: 2013-01-01, End: 2013-12-31, Publication: 2012-10-02


Why the change? * Standards for products in our space are not as necessary due to commercialization/ consumerization of products * Best practices are needed to provide guidance to end users as to how to get the most out of the products they purchase and use * File formats are increasingly more important to be able to be used across platforms, devices and for preservation. This is where AIIM can and should continue to play a role.

Broad topics to cover: * ERM * Trusted Assessment * File Format (exception) – PDF, StratML, etc. * ECM * Social Governance and Social Media Content * Consumerization of IT * BYOD Guidelines/Mobile (BP for integrating mobile device content into corporate data stores) * Business Processes * CIP topics * Privacy/Security where needs are not being met by another organization What are the tools/technology we will use? * Editme wikis which will transition to SharePoint or other collaborative group. * Yammer or similar tool for collaboration and communication * SurveyMonkey for ballots * GoToMeeting for meetings * AIIM Website


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:AIIM Standards Program



  • Betsy FanningDirector of Standards, AIIM

  • AIIM

  • Enterprise Content Management Vendors

  • ISO TC 171 SC2

  • U.S. Technical Advisory Group to ISO TC 171

  • Centers of Engagement/ExcellenceHow will we develop standards and best practices? Through the use of Centers of Engagement/Excellence: * Meetings are all virtual * Annual F2F networking gathering * Discuss ideas (think tank but tactical) * Build the CIP Body of knowledge

  • Customers for AIIM StandardsWho are our customers for AIIM Standards? The primary customers for AIIM Standards include end users who are tasked with implementing technology in their organization (IT, Content managers, records managers, ECM Specialists, etc.) and solution providers (vendors, consultants, VARS, system integrators, etc.) who are developing products or are installing or helping customers to install product. The products produced by AIIM Standards are not market specific. Unfortunately, many of our customers don't know that they need our product until it is too late. The vendor may not have implemented, for example, PDF/A in their product and because of that the customer chose another product or an end user organization's implementation in spite of training has gone over budget, experienced scope creep, is not resulting in process improvements, etc. Those who are not customers are the individuals in the organization who are the pure users of the technology (i.e., sales people, administrative personnel, etc.).

  • IT Managers

  • Content Managers

  • Records Managers

  • ECM Specialists

  • Solution Providers

  • Vendors

  • Consultants

  • VARS

  • System Integrators