Action Guidelines .... for Decentralized Expansion of the Earth Charter Initiative


Publication: 2014-01-02


Introduction -- Earth Charter International (ECI) encourages everyone to contribute to the goals of the Earth Charter Initiative. Your active participation and support are needed. In this connection, ECI is in the process of scaling-up the Initiative worldwide by promoting decentralized activity and the empowerment of individuals, communities and organizations. As ECI undertakes this new strategy, it will continue to promote the Earth Charter through various formal international processes and a limited number of projects. However, this new strategy is necessary because the Earth Charter International secretariat is only able to organize and direct a small portion of the wide range of actions needed to implement the Earth Charter vision. The Action Guidelines presented below are a resource designed to help people conduct Earth Charter related activities in ways that are in harmony with the values and principles of the Earth Charter.

The purpose of the Action Guidelines is also to ensure a certain measure of consistency in how decentralized actions on behalf of the Earth Charter are carried out. Think of the Guidelines as a kind of virtual coordinating mechanism for the Earth Charter Initiative as it prepares for a rapid decentralized expansion that could involve the actions of many millions of people worldwide. The Action Guidelines are addressed first and foremost to individuals. The full implementation of many principles in the Earth Charter will require action on the part of governments, corporations, and other organizations. However, the commitment of individuals is the ultimate source of leadership and change for a better world and the contributions of all people in all sectors is essential. The Action Guidelines are not fixed and final. The Earth Charter International Council will periodically review them in the light of lessons learned from efforts to apply the Earth Charter in different regions and sectors. The Council welcomes any comments and suggestions you may have regarding them.


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