AFS 2020 Vision: AFS Strategic Plan for 2010-2014


Start: 2009-11-10, End: 2014-12-31, Publication: 2013-04-16


Preamble -- The American Fisheries Society has followed a pattern of preparing an organizational strategic plan every five years. This new plan will steer the Society during 2010 - 2014, but has been crafted with a vision to 2020 and beyond. The AFS Strategic Plan Revision Committee used information from a 2008 AFS member survey and input from several committees and the Governing Board to develop a draft Plan. The Committee then submitted the draft to the Governing Board and the members (via the Internet), for their review and input. The Plan contains a worldview of the fisheries future, revised AFS mission and vision statements, and three goal statements with objectives and suggested strategies under each goal. The three overarching Plan goals cover: 1) Global Fisheries Leadership, 2) Education, and 3) Values of Membership. The Plan does not include specific actions. Rather, it is suggested that the annual operational plans of the Society, and each of its subunits, include development of specific actions to implement the Plan.

In short; we must plan for the unpredictable, seize opportunity and thrive on change. We will use our collective intellectual capacity to the fullest to achieve our goals. It is recommended that implementation of the new Plan include an on-line reporting system where AFS unit leaders can report their accomplishments under each objective and share their unit’s ideas for implementing the Plan. This new Plan builds on the many successful and popular activities that AFS already engages in, such as our annual meetings and publications, and emphasizes topics the Committee believed could be improved upon. Among the many topics included in the Plan, innovative ideas are presented for: increasing workforce and member diversity, expanded use of electronic communication technologies, additional fisheries resource policy promotion, and increasing retention and recruitment of members.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:American Fisheries Society