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Publication: 2012-08-12


As the world gets busier, Families are disintegrating, relationships are losing their purpose and value and Love is becoming an unavailable luxury, leading to loneliness, unhappiness and despair. To remedy this situation by generating positive options and fostering meaningful Relationships, a concerted effort for Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Integration is essential. The ATMA Foundation is such an endeavor.


Name:Owen Ambur



Name:ATMA Foundation


The ATMA Foundation is a creative response to a dire social need. With the world changing from a Global Family to a Global Market, the resulting erosion of warmth and values has unleashed a host of social challenges. Even educated and prospering communities face an alarming increase in Social Negativities - high rates of suicide, liquor consumption, drug abuse, atrocities against women, teenage crimes, old age loneliness, family disintegration, divorces etc. ATMA Foundation, a registered charitable trust since 2006, is a movement that strives for Positive Transformation in Individuals, enabling them to lead happier lives with healthier Relationships.


  • Swami ChinmayandaWe draw inspiration and guidance from His Holiness Swami Chinmayanda, Spiritual leader and teacher who founded Chinmaya Mission to spread the eternal knowledge of Vedanta and Bhagavad Gita closer to people. He sparked off a movement that swelled into a mighty river, revitalizing Vedanta and bringing spirituality to the mainstream of modern. His teachings on attaining spiritual growth and contentment and his selfless service and love towards humanity are what we consider as our exemplar. And our service is our gratitude unto him.

  • Sri C K SureshATMA - Director. Leading the ATMA Team towards the Dream… We are led by Sri C K Suresh, Director & Founder ATMA Foundation. He is a Consultant, Trainer & Performance Coach with over 20 years experience in Creative Social Intervention & Individual Empowerment.

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