Publication: 2010-11-26


OMG languages can be defined using the MOF meta model and models based on OMG standards can be exchanged and serialized using the MOF standards. In this way the MOF provides a common platform for exchanging and, in some cases managing, model information. Despite the MOF capabilities, languages and UML profiles are excessively stove piped and not easily integrated. Information in models is not easily accessible over the internet which makes it difficult to query, federate and links across models from different authorities and those in different languages. The semantics of language elements is not well grounded or formalized. Real and perceived issues with the MOF as well as OMG process have contributed to these problems.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Architecture Ecosystem Special Interest Group


The AE SIG will focus on the capability to define and integrate languages and models in various viewpoints and support other groups that will focus on the specific viewpoints required for their specific domains. The set of viewpoints, supporting models and supporting technologies will comprise the ecosystem.


  • OMGObject Management Group