Strategic Plan


Start: 2007-05-30, Publication: 2012-06-28


The strategic goals and guiding principles for Augustana College are set in the context of the mission statement and core values of the College. Our vision statement delineates our aspiration. These goals and principles intentionally articulate and serve as the framework for planning, action and evaluation of every element of the College. We envision qualitative and quantitative controlled enrollment and fund raising growth that will provide robust energy and financial vitality for the future. Academic excellence, service to humankind, the integration of faith in learning and a commitment to the liberal arts are central to an Augustana education and provide the foundation for the following strategic plan. The following Strategic Plan was adopted by the Board of Trustees in April of 2007.

Central to the Augustana experience are five core values. The community lives them and honors them, and they infuse the academic curriculum as well as student life. These five values are identified below, followed by a phrase that sums up the essence of the word as it informs the College's mission. These phrases are, in turn, followed by how the value is expressed in the daily life of the College and its people.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Augustana College