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Publication: 2013-07-08



Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Atlantic Council


Since its founding in 1961-1962, the Council has been a preeminent, non partisan institution devoted to promoting transatlantic cooperation and international security. In its early years, distinguished American foreign policy leaders - Dean Acheson, Dean Rusk, Christian Herter, Lucius Clay, and others - developed an ambitious agenda to engage Americans with their European partners on matters of global concern. Now in its 50th year, the Atlantic Council is harnessing that history of transatlantic leadership and applying its founders' vision to a broad spectrum of modern global challenges from violent extremism to financial instability and from NATO's future to energy security. As we face an inflection point in history, the Atlantic Council provides an essential forum for navigating dramatic shifts in economic and political influence. The Council is home to ten programs and centers, broken down both functionally and regionally, which seamlessly work together to tackle today's unique set of challenges.


  • Frederick KempePresident and CEO

  • Damon M. WilsonExecutive Vice President

  • Drew DicksonExecutive Assistant to the President

  • Stephanie RolandExecutive Assistant to the Executive Vice President

  • Maksymilian CzuperskiResearch Assistant to the President

  • Daniel P. PulsVice President, Office of Advancement

  • Adaku EkpoDeputy Director, Office of Advancement

  • Aaron StoverAssociate Director, Office of Advancement

  • Geoffrey PaulsenIntern, Office of Advancement

  • Paige EnnisVice President, Office of External Relations

  • Tessa ShambaughAssociate Director, Corporate Relations, Office of External Relations

  • Vicente GarciaAssistant Director, Office of External Relations

  • Iveta KrumaAssistant Director and Coordinator, Energy and Economic Summit, Office of External Relations

  • Molly JohnsonIntern, Office of External Relations

  • Mia NilsenIntern, Office of External Relations

  • Rachel WeatherlyDigital Communications Manager

  • Taleen AnanianAssociate Director, Communications

  • Samia YakubAssociate Director, Communications, Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East

  • Jason HarmalaAssistant Director, Digital Communications

  • Eric GehmanPublications and Communications Assistant

  • Ania VoloshinDirector, Outreach and Public Events

  • Laura MacedoProgram Assistant, Events

  • Ashley StuartProgram Assistant, Events

  • Dash RadostiIntern, Events

  • James JoynerManaging Editor

  • Bernard FinelContributing Editor

  • Derek ReveronContributing Editor

  • Beverly ArmstrongChief Financial Officer

  • Adwoa JonesHuman Resources Director

  • Natasha HadijskiAssistant Controller

  • Lisa ChristianDeputy Director, Administration

  • Jewel LoganAssistant Director, Administration

  • Genevieve McGannHuman Resources Assistant

  • Ingrid NortonAdministrative Specialist

  • Atlantic Council Partners

  • NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization - (NATO) - an alliance of 26 countries from Europe and North America, dedicated to fulfilling the goals of the North Atlantic Treaty signed on 4 April 1949. The Council frequently collaborates with Alliance representatives on public outreach and educational initiatives, as well as policy-related projects.

  • ATAAtlantic Treaty Association - (ATA) - a federation of national bodies aimed to enhance public awareness of the values of democracy, peace and security. As a founding member of the ATA, the Council works with other associations in Europe and North America to promote dialogue and mutual understanding within the Euro-Atlantic region and between it and the Mediterranean area.

  • YATAYouth Atlantic Treaty Association - (YATA) - a section of the Atlantic Treaty Association dedicated to creating and strengthening dialogue and understanding between the youth of NATO member and Partnership for Peace countries and the Alliance. As a founding member of the YATA, the Council collaborates with other associations in Europe and North America to educate future leaders about the importance of international affairs and positive cooperation.

  • ISAInternational Studies Association - (ISA) - a group of scholars and practitioners founded in 1959 to pursue mutual interests in international studies. The Council is accredited by ISA as a Cooperating Organization. Cooperating Organizations promote communication and help to develop contacts among specialists and practitioners and facilitate exchange.

  • ISNInternational Relations and Security Network - (ISN) - a free public service that provides a wide range of resources to encourage the exchange of information among international relations and security professionals worldwide. The Council acts as a Principal Partner of ISN and shares its research and publications with the network.

  • CIAOColumbia International Affairs Online - (CIAO) - publishes a wide range of scholarship that includes working papers from university research institutes, occasional papers series from foundation-funded research projects, proceedings from conferences, books, journals and policy briefs. The Council provides its materials for inclusion in the on-line database.

  • Atlantic Council SupportersThe Atlantic Council is grateful for the generous support it receives from private foundations, U.S. and foreign government agencies, companies, and individuals. These supporters enable the Council to continue its quality programming and timely analysis, thereby allowing it to pursue its mission of renewing the Atlantic community for global challenges. Supporters engage with the Council through partnerships, sponsorships, and/or membership. In addition to Corporate and Individual Members, the supporters below have contributed to the success of the Council.

  • Carnegie Corporation of New York

  • Kimsey Foundation

  • Albert Kunstadter Family Foundation

  • John D. Macomber Fund

  • Ploughshares Fund

  • Stuart Family Foundation

  • The Whitehead Foundation

  • Allied Command TransformationOffice of Strategic Vision

  • Delegation of the European Commission

  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization

  • Taipei Economic & Cultural Representative Office

  • US Department of the Air Force

  • US Department of the Army

  • US Department of Energy

  • US Department of the Navy

  • US Institute of Peace